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Delivering Mission Critical Information

BlueBird Systems

BlueBird Aero Systems specializes in the design, development, and production of tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and peripheral equipment, for the military , homeland security and civilian UAS markets. BlueBird utilizes Skyline's advanced UAS integration system to redefine mission success.





US Army Geospatial Center

The Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE) GeoGlobe is a worldwide 3D based visualization and dissemination tool (maintained by the Army Geospatial Center (AGC)) to facilitate the discovery and exploitation of geospatial information within the Defense user community.

This enterprise software allows users to access AGC's geospatial data archives and products through a locally installed 3D client for Internet Explorer and Internet Information Services (IIS).

army globe2 Army Glob



Real-Time Collaboration and Analysis

Virtual Fairfax

Fairfax County, Virginia, USA's geoportal, was created to provide up-to-date information to the business community and to the county's over 1.2 million residents. The Virtual Fairfax application is an interactive 3-D mapping, analysis, and exploration application that allow users search for addresses, schools, parks, and other county locations, and then easily link to other Fairfax County data. Users may also explore thousands of very realistic 3-D buildings, terrain and the latest aerial imagery.

Sophisticated analysis tools include: line of sight, slope, shadow analysis, and terrain profiles.

Recent updates include; thousands of highly-detailed photo-realistic buildings, urban design tool to plan/visualize roads and streetscapes, flood analysis, contour map creation, slope analysis, terrain profiles, shadow analysis, viewsheds, line of sight analysis, and the ability to create individual presentations and fly-through visualizations.

Virtual Fairfax2Virtual Fairfax

Arpa Piemonte GeoPortal RiskNat

The RiskNat geoportal provides a realistic and dynamic 3D environment for the study of natural hazards and evaluation of disaster preparedness and management in the cross-border cooperation area of Italy, France, and Switzerland. This federated network seamlessly fuses the unique data produced, managed, and updated by each of the project partners into a consolidated data set that can be searched and viewed by all users, in accordance with the interoperability principles and guidelines of the European INSPIRE Directive.



Command and control, simulation, and planning

Dubai Police C4I

(Integrator: Space Imaging Middle East)

The Dubai police force utilizes a customized 3D geospatial application based on SkylineGlobe technology to increase emergency preparedness and speed up detection and response time. SkylineGlobe's advanced analysis capabilities are used to assess surveillance issues such as visual exposure of guard posts and patrol routes as well as critical buffer zones require to protect facilities, or plan security operations. Traffic flow or police vehicles can easily be monitored and visualized using positioning information. Work is currently underway to create a comprehensive 3D city model.

Dubai police


Hexagon Geospatial

Hexagon Brazil supportted CBMERJ during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
CBMERJ operations for the Olympic Games involved more than 2,500 employees and 76 advanced tactile units, and the technologies provided by Hexagon Brazil were essential to optimize the planning of our resources on the ground.

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(Integrator: SATWAYS)

ENGAGE is an incident management, computer aided dispatch and automatic resource location system for public and private safety organizations. Using SkylineGlobe technology, ENGAGE integrates information from multiple, diverse systems into a single command environment, and coordinates a response plan based on real-time data. ENGAGE's unified management approach tackles the complete life cycle of incident capture, response, resolution and recovery.
The ENGAGE system is currently being used by several Public Safety Agencies.




Environmental management, advanced project design
New 3D Mesh Model of "Berlin Economic Atlas" Processed in Two Weeks

Aerowest GmbH, a leading producer of "geo-data on demand" in Germany, has finished production of brand-new 3D model of Berlin presented as the "Berlin Economic Atlas" in January 2019. Using the massively scalable software technology PhotoMesh of Skyline Software Systems with great support of DAT/EM Europe, reseller of Skyline, Aerowest processed the model in 10 cm GSD providing 3D mesh, DSM and orthophoto. The entire production of the 1,000 square km of the Berlin area was completed within two weeks.

3D GIS In Support of Disaster Management - FEMA

Skyline's services supported all emergency responders with information, visualization and analysis tools needed to get help to those in urgent need.

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Disaster Management - Pilot Project by Skyline