Optmize Your Data Collection with Skyline's Proven Geospatial Mapping Solutions


Skyline Makes Managing and Processing Your Image Data Simple

Skyline’s Suite of geospatial software solutions allow Mapping Professionals and Surveyors to easily process, save, and share large (or small) volumes of data to meet schedule demands and business requirements. 

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Principality of Monaco Digital Twin - Image data provided by IGO - produced with PhotoMesh and TerraExplorer

Take your data further

Skyline provides a proven platform to complete commercial mapping operations from image collection to accurate, geo-referenced digital twins. Make the most of your data collection:

  • Generate 3D (and 2D) GIS models automatically
  • Output knowledge into industry standard platforms
  • Deliver information anywhere… anytime

Our flexible, budget friendly, performance based solutions allow you to customize based on your project requirements and needs providing you with the perfect platform to leverage your image data for additional revenue generation. 

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3D Digital Twin of the River Thames - part of data set of London - Image data provided by BlueSky. Produced with PhotoMesh and TerraExplorer


Customize TerraExplorer to Your Brand 

Our modular architecture allows you to create an integrated platform for clients complete with your branding and functionality. Add your logo, localization, language, and create your own app name.

Skyline also offers flexible, easy-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs) and tools for developers to create robust, customized desktop and web applications. Extensive API documentation, including sample code and reference guides, are also provided, giving your team full control of customization. 

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This Virtual Fairfax, Virginia geoportal was created to provide up-to-date information to the business community and to the county's 1.2 million residents. 

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berlin-06_smallNew 3D Mesh Model of "Berlin Economic Atlas" Completed in Two Weeks

Aerowest GmbH, a leading producer of "geo-data on demand" in Germany, has finished production of brand-new 3D model of Berlin presented as the "Berlin Economic Atlas" in January 2019. Using the massively scalable software technology, PhotoMesh of Skyline Software Systems, with great support of DAT/EM Europe, reseller of Skyline, Aerowest processed the model in 10 cm GSD providing 3D mesh, DSM and orthophoto. The entire production of the 1,000 square km of the Berlin area was completed within two weeks. 


Key Features

VR_goggls-1VR integration  Terrain-Analysis-ToolsMeasurement & Analysis Tools GPS-Sensor-FeedGPS Sensor Feed

Powerful-Servers-Secure Servers

3D-Models_CreationAccelerated 3D Model Creation


Video on Terrain 


Indoor & Subterranean

Flexible Deployment

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