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Accurate 2D & 3D Geospatial Data for Rapid Response Emergency Management 

SkylineGlobe 3D Visualization Solutions for Advanced Emergency Preparedness

Utilize advanced 3D visualization to prepare for natural disasters. Develop customized 3D geospatial web or desktop applications that enable more accurate emergency preparedness and speed up detection and response times. 

PhotoMesh allows you to create 3D models and actionable digital twin environments. Use TerraExplorer to edit, analyze, store and share geospatial data, and action plans with key stakeholders.  Improve communication with first-responders and agencies like FEMA with preparedness strategies to help save lives and resources.  

View FEMA - Post Hurricane Dorian 3D mesh for Disaster Recovery


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Access Timely and Accurate Data for Disaster Recovery

Using SkylineGlobe’s technology, disparate security information can be integrated into a single command environment, and then updated on-the-fly as real-time data becomes available enhancing search and recovery efforts. 

Asset Tracking
Monitor the movement of assets, such as manpower and emergency vehicles, receiving updated 3D visualizations on the go using TerraExplorer's mobile app.




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Visualize and Disseminate Your Strategy to Key Stakeholders and Constituents 

Skyline has all the tools you need to create and disseminate critical 2D & 3D geospatial information. Easily rehearse offsite response plans to anticipated operational situations using 3D, photo-realistic, visualizations created through fusion of large and disparate data sets. Communicate information to constituents with customized presentations that translate critical information in realistic 3D environments. 

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Post Hurricane Dorian 3D mesh for Disaster Recovery.
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Hexagon Geospatial

Hexagon Brazil supports CBMERJ during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. CBMERJ operations for the Olympic Games involved more than 2,500 employees and 76 advanced tactile units, and the Technologies provided by Hexagon Brazil were essential to optimize the planning of our resources on the ground.
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dubai_policeDUBAI Police (Integrator: Space Imaging Middle East)
The Dubai police force uses a customized 3D geospatial application based on SkylineGlobe technology to increase emergency preparedness and speed up detection and response time. SkylineGlobe's advanced analysis capabilities are used to assess surveillance issues such as the visual exposure of guard posts and patrol routes or the buffer zone required to effectively protect critical facilities, or plan security operations. Traffic flow or police vehicles can easily be monitored and visualized using positioning information. Work is currently underway to create a comprehensive 3D city model.

satways ENGAGE IMS/CAD/ARLS (Integrator: SATWAYS)
ENGAGE is an incident management, computer aided dispatch, and automatic resource location system for public and private safety organizations. Using SkylineGlobe technology, ENGAGE integrates information from multiple, diverse systems into a single command environment, and coordinates a response plan based on real-time data. ENGAGE's unified management approach tackles the complete lifecycle of incident capture, response, resolution and recovery. The ENGAGE system is currently being used by several Public Safety Agencies.
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Key Features

VR_goggls-1VR integration  Terrain-Analysis-ToolsMeasurement & Analysis Tools GPS-Sensor-FeedGPS Sensor Feed

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3D-Models_Creation3D Model Creation


Video on Terrain 


Indoor & Subterranean

Custom Presentations

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