Access 3D GIS Data in the Field With the TerraExplorer Mobile App

3D GIS Data Available Where and How You Need it 

The TerraExplorer app is professional-grade 3D geospatial app for viewing, querying, analyzing and editing massive datasets on the go. TerraExplorer Mobile can stream 3D geospatial data from SkylineGlobe and OGC servers, as well as store and access data for offline use.

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TerraExplorer demonstrated on a Smart Watch

GIS Data Available Where you Need it

Actionable Data for Informed Decision Making On Location

Fuse a wide range of imagery, elevation, 3D city and feature data into a single virtual 3D environment. Increase understanding and improve decision making with a comprehensive set of powerful analysis tools including terrain distance and area, viewshed, terrain profile, and shadow analysis, as well as contour and slope maps, to provide a thorough understanding of the 3D environment.

Conveniently access and evaluate the data you need from your phone, smart watch, or ipad.