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Easily Create and Share Your Vision for Urban & Transportation Planning Projects 


Plan for Success with Accurate 2D and 3D Geospatial Data

Use our 3D geospatial software solutions to coordinate, integrate, and display disparate data sources in a single, interactive 3D environment. Bring your urban planning project's vision to life with accurate digital twins and actionable map data. 

Learn how Skyline Software System's PhotoMesh and TerraExplorer played a crucial role in helping project managers and key stakeholders to complete a very complex, $7.7 billion project ahead of schedule, on budget, and with public approval. View the Case Study.



Railway CTA

Skyline 3D Software and the high speed rail between Tours and Bourdeaux

Understand Your Project Impact Before You Break Ground

PhotoMesh 3D modeling capabilities combined with TerraExplorer's sophisticated design and powerful terrain analysis tools provide critical topographical and geographical information.

Advanced point cloud capabilities and classification tools allow you to examine proposed areas and evaluate alternative proposals. TerraExplorer's wide array of line of sight and shadow analysis tools, helps you understand the full impact of structure height and placement.


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Easily Build and Share Project Details with Key Stakeholders

TerraExplorer allows you to create easy-to-understand 3D worlds that lets stakeholders easily visualize and evaluate the aesthetic, practical, and environmental impacts of a proposed project. Full integration with Oculus Rift VR allows users to explore virtual urban environments from a more informed vantage point.

"It is absolutely a different experience if the Mayor views buildings next to the main square in virtual reality as opposed to looking at it on a flat computer screen. She can walk, look around, fly through and see additional data sources like traffic or air pollution live in the streets."
GIS Department Team Leader - Austrian Municipality

Using the Rift 1

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Client Showcase

Adelaide, Australia 
Adelaide created a 3D spatial model of the city with the primary goal of optimizing future land use. The Adelaide interactive 3D virtual environment allows easy visualization and evaluation of various potential land-use scenarios, thereby facilitating the development of construction plans that will best meet the city's future and evolving needs. 

virtual fairfax_adjustedFairfax County, Virginia 
Virtual Fairfax's geoportal was created to provide up-to-date information to the business community and to the county's over 1.2 million residents. The Virtual Fairfax application allows users to interactively explore the county, viewing thousands of realistic 3D models overlaid on updated, high-resolution imagery with links to county services including development, tax, and neighborhood information. View the Portal Here

Key Features

3D-Models_Creation3D Model Creation
& Extraction
Indoor-NavigationIndoor & Subterranean
Measurement-Tools Measurement
& Analysis Tools 


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Easy Collaboration

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